Welcome to your Local Medical Committee.

We work with our local doctors and GP practices to ensure that our working conditions and environments are beneficial to both our patients and ourselves.

The origin of Local Medical Committees dates as far back as 1911 with the introduction of the National Health Insurance Bill. With the formation of the NHS in 1948 LMCs continued with some responsibilities. In 1974 the Trade Union and Industrial Relations Act led to the BMA being recognised as the Trade Union representing the Medical Profession. The LMC is not a trade union but represents local GPs with local issues.

In 2004 under the General Medical Services contract, LMCs acquired responsibilities involving (inter alia) enhanced services, the quality outcomes framework, practice contracts, contract review and dispute resolution. As an independent, self-financing body with statutory and other functions, The LMC in Ayrshire is the representative body of all GPs, including trainees, structured to provide them with support whatever their contractual status. It is the only elected professional body that represents the views of local GPs at national, regional and local level.

It is also a dual committee with the GP Sub-Committee of the Area Medical Committee, and provides advice to the Health Board about the operation of medical services through this mechanism. Members of the LMC also represent the area sitting on the Scottish General Practitioners Committee.