Providing a great platform for ongoing CPD for all levels of the GP profession.

Whether you're an FY1 or three decades in the business, we have great training opportunities with Ayrshire & Arran.

GPST Training

We have a full programme, repeating every 12 months, of day release teaching sessions.

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Continual Professional Development

Ayrshire offers a programme of CPD with both locally produced content and linked in to CPD Connect through NES.

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GP Support

Connect here with details of how we organise training and where it can be found.

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Training Practices

We have 23 training practices in Ayrshire, find further information about their profile here.

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Why Ayrshire & Arran?

With lots of great things to do on your doorstep, you'll never be short of fun and culture.

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Future Planned Events

Go to our "Events" main section to get information about upcoming training.

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