We have a full programme, repeating every 12 months, of day release teaching sessions.

You will have guaranteed time out of the practice to attend this programme.

Most of our sessions take place in the modern facilities of the Ayrshire Hospice’s educational suite, although we will occasionally have a session in, for instance, a hospital or other setting.

Teaching is largely provided by experienced consultants and GPs, and other suitably experienced professionals.

Our teaching curriculum is based on the [RCGP’s published curriculum](http://www.rcgp.org.uk/training-exams/gp-curriculum-overview/online-curriculum.aspx) with localised input. Each intake of GPSTs is asked to provide feedback on the content of that year’s educational provision, and we try to keep the content as up to date and relevant as possible. We anticipate that our teaching programme will cover your entire needs over the year, and we are also happy to take suggestions on further content which can be provided if possible.

We offer a half mock CSA training session, usually in November each year, well before most candidates sit their CSA examination. This is a half day course, held locally, and carried out under conditions as close to examination conditions as we can replicate. We provide detailed feedback on each of the six cases you sit, which will allow you to prioritise your preparation for the exam.

We also organise regular residential courses, which will allow you to undertake various educational activities in a group of not only GPSTs, but local trainers also.

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