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For our GPs of the future.


For people who believe in something better.


For our valued colleagues

What We Do

We are the Ayrshire and Arran LMC. In short, our job is make sure your voice, and the voice of your entire team, is heard and to ensure that you’re supported in your working environment.



Ayrshire & Arran Primary Care is at the forefront of frontline healthcare delivery in Scotland and we are regularly chosen as the region to test new ideas and practices. We have well developed Multi-Disciplinary teams embedded within practices teams.

We help to guide our primary care teams through change and encourage practices to undertake regular QI (Quality Improvement) projects.

If you believe in delivering up to date, but realistic, care in a culture that supports your growth then Ayrshire & Arran is the place for you.



We promote our practices and teams in negotiating changes to primary care and in delivering General Medical Services and the Primary Care Improvement Plan.

We support the members of our teams who are experiencing adversity in their personal or professional lives.

With consistently excellent feedback from our longstanding employees, trainees and patients we’re confident we can show we really do have your back.



Now, more than ever, healthcare professionals and patients must deal with a quickly changing health landscape. We look to the future to identify and solve potential problems before they become an issue.

We act as a focal point for discussion around the challenges that affect primary care and negotiate solutions with NHS partners.

There is a bold plan called Caring for Ayrshire that is a multi system approach looking at how care could be delivered best to our patients.

We’re confident we can help you and your team adapt to the shifting circumstances that affect health in Scotland.

What we believe in.

The A&A LMC shares the values of NHS Scotland which, at their core, promote kindness and courtesy. But we have three main values that explain why we do what we do. And why we work so hard to do it well.


for ourselves, colleagues and patients

The heart of healthcare is respect. Respect for our patient's wishes and dignity. Respect for our colleagues contributions and the diversity of our teams. Respect for our ourselves and our role. Respect is what ensures we treat people as the individuals they are.



of workload and resource

People will never have perfect health and we want to ensure we can always be there to prevent and treat disease. We believe in keeping workloads manageable, in using our limited financial and physical resources efficiently and in avoiding waste.



of our teams and systems

Integrity boils down to doing the right thing. We believe that our teams should be honest and responsible while our systems should be fair and transparent. By acting with integrity, we show we are worthy of the trust that our patients and colleagues place in us.

Our News & Stories

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Our new website is live!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website with a renewed focus on the MDT and the contributions that all of our colleagues make to the primary care team that delivers the Read more…

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