Training is at the heart of our practice in Ayrshire and Arran. We have an excellent track record so we’re confident we can get you through the complexities of your registrar years the first time.

As well as helping you become an excellent GP, we’ll help you with your self-directed learning by being flexible around your study leave. We’ll help you navigate the exams, including the portfolio, that you need to sit in order to CCT. And as we believe in the personal as well as the professional, we will support you in developing a life outside of your practice.

Your time in this beautiful county will be some of the best of your life. YOTO.

The Details

  • The application process is run by the GP National Recruitment Office and the applications are made via Oriel. It is only possible to apply at certain times of the year.
  • Your training will take place entirely in Ayrshire and Arran. For more information of why this area of Scotland is truly unique please click here.
  • The GP Training programme lasts 3 years FTE (Full Time Equivalent) and currently involves 18 months in General Practice and 18 months in a secondary care setting. An overview of your training can be found here on the RCGP website. This assumes you have not already completed Broad Based Training.
  • Your training essentially involves gaining a further 3 years of clinical experience and completing the three GP examinations which are the AKT, the CSA / RCA and the portfolio (including WPBAs). More information can be found on clicking each of the assessments above.
  • We will provide a programmed set of teaching days delivered by experienced GPs and Consultants aimed specifically at helping you become a better clinician and to pass your exams (Day Release). These are based on the RCGP Curriculum.
  • We will ensure you have guaranteed time out of practice to attend Day Release sessions which usually take place in Ayrshire Hospice’s modern educational suite.
  • We will maintain a strong focus on responding to feedback after each teaching session or to feedback regarding training in Ayrshire and Arran generally delivered anonymously via this website. We are happy to try arrange new sessions on topics that are in high demand.
  • We will arrange access to Crosshouse Hospital’s education facilities including their library.
  • You can arrange 3 months free access to BMJ OnExamination prior to your AKT (via Crosshouse Library)
  • We will arrange sessions to provide feedback and discussion around your approach to the AKT and the RCA / CSA in addiction to the personalised feedback you will receive from your GP Trainer.
  • A hub available on this site which will direct you a series of handy resources regarding the GP curriculum (Coming Soon)

Trainee Feedback