Great Schools

Ayrshire and Arran have some of the best schools in Scotland and these range from traditionally built schools to very modern 21st century built schools where children receive very high quality teaching and are encouraged to enjoy success in their learning. Ayrshire schools offer children and young adults a strong voice to become confident and responsible citizens who contribute positively to the life of their schools, their communities and beyond. Private education is also available in Ayrshire. Ayrshire is also home to a few college campuses linked with the University of West of Scotland where further education is of high standards

Fun Weekends

Spend the day having a picnic in one of our many well maintained parks in Ayrshire or spend the day building sand castles with the kids on the beautiful stretches of beaches along our coastline. Explore Ayrshire’s rich historic sites such as Culzean Castle or the Robert Burns museum and exploring hidden treasures such as the Galloway Forest and Lochs. You will never run out of ideas of where to go or places to visit and spend quality time with your family. If you prefer theatre or cinema Ayrshire offers this too.

Tourist Attractions

You’ll never be far from a great day out in Ayrshire. Our local tourist attractions entice visitors from far and wide, with everything from culture and history to music and festivals on offer, there’s always something exciting going on in Ayrshire and Arran. There are also many other attractions such as, Largs Viking Festival, a visit to Robert Burns Museum, Ayrshire Real Ale Festival and several castles to explore.

Great Work/Life Balance

With our outstanding seaside location, you can enjoy the proximity to the coast with the benefits of both bustling town and country life throughout Ayrshire and Arran. There are ample paddle boarding and scuba diving options available. Escape crowded city for a more relaxed life in Ayrshire and Arran.

Assured Professional Surroundings

In choosing where you’ll situate your personal life and work as a GP, the questions for both sides of the equation are completely answered by the Ayrshire and Arran solution. Here is offered an unsurpassed blend of a strong and supportive GP and professional health community determined to help your working career thrive, and a superb social and family lifestyle backdrop with possibilities for both town and country living. Also on offer is a very advantageous local Out of Hours setting. Quality of life? Look no further than what’s right here.