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What resources are available when I’m not working?

Most practices in Ayrshire and Arran subscribe to the provision of care when they are closed through NHS24 and the “Ayrshire Urgent Care Service” or “AUCS” organisations. Any individual GP entitled to work in the area makes a personal choice regarding whether on not to provide sessions for AUCS under their terms, and this could involve working at the hospital-based contact centres or being with a driver in an AUCS vehicle for house calls. If you’re interested then contact us.

AUCS works under the auspices of NHS Ayrshire and Arran who take responsibility for organising out of hours care for practices making the choice not to provide their own (no practices currently provide their own). NHS24 is run by NHS Scotland. AUCS and NHS24 cover is provided overnight and at weekends. Additional periods of cover are provided for relevant public and local holidays so that practices can take holiday breaks alongside other workforces.

As a particular facet of cover for Ayrshire and Arran, overnight and weekend cover is extended into contracted GP hours so that NHS24 will take calls from 1730 of an evening until 0830 the following working day. The benefit to practices in organising their working day, both for GPs and staff, is tangible and highly popular. If you’d like to be a part of this service then contact us.